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On demand, scalable and flexible sales development solutions for technology companies. Use our Meetings to Revenue calculator below to work out how many meetings you need to book to hit your revenue targets

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We are a team of sales development professionals who are experts at booking in New Sales Qualified meetings for Enterprise Technology Companies. We help our clients fill their sales teams calendars with qualified sales meetings.


Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Somerville IT

Somerville IT are a full service IT partner with almost 40 years of IT experience and over 50,000 users on their network every day, their

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Most frequent questions and answers

We have a very efficient onboarding process and can start calling within 1 week of contracts being signed, and usually book the first meeting of the campaign within 1 week.

We work exclusively with Technology Companies who are selling into the Enterprise space, with high deal sizes, complicated messaging and often lots of stakeholders involved in the purchasing process.

We will send across a comprehensive onboarding document for you to fill out, which will include elevator pitch, challenges, benefits, references, competitors, exclusion lists and qualification questions etc. We then jump on a call to run through this information together, and.take this information away and distill it into what we need to make successful outbound calls.

Whilst we will have an email account set up under our clients domain, we never engage with prospects in the first instance through email or linkedin (because these mediums are incredibly saturated). We are exclusively focused on calling the decision makers/influencers directly and having a live conversation with them.

We take care of everything data related and research all accounts/job titles – so you don’t have to. Having said this, what oftens works well is if the client has a ‘dream list’ of accounts which are their top priorities.

We usually start working with clients on a 3 month pilot contract with a set target of meetings booked, for example 30 qualified meetings booked over a 3 month period. During the pilot we refine processes/messages in collaboration with the client to set us up for a longterm partnership

Hiring an internal SDR can sometimes be a great option for a company, but it can also be very expensive, time consuming and there is also no guarantee of success. 

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