Driving $150K+ in Deals:
The Uplift Sales & ProjectAi Partnership in APAC

ProjectAI are an advisory and technology firm, providing specialist PPM/Portfolio Management Services for Large Capital Projects. They help companies with large and complex projects to improve efficiency and visibility by optimising people, processes and technology.

Uplift Sales are an SDR Agency for Enterprise Technology Companies who help exclusively technology companies with complicated messaging, long deal cycles and high deal values.

ProjectAI had aggressive growth plans but were not currently attending enough Qualified Sales Meetings for them to fill their sales pipeline with opportunities, and ultimately close deals. ProjectAI closed multiple deals from the meetings Uplift Sales set up for them, and also generated numerous opportunities and introduced them to new logo’s. 

The primary goal of this campaign was to help ProjectAI increase their revenue, and keep their calendar full with qualified sales meetings. 



ProjectAI’s primary challenge was they had a very specific need/challenge they were solving for their clients, and they also had a very specific target market (Companies running huge Capital/Infrastructure Projects, often in the region of hundreds of millions). ProjectAI had engaged with Lead Generation Agencies in the past, but they needed a specialised SDR Agency for Enterprise Technology Companies who were experts in this area. 

Uplift Sales worked closely with ProjectAI to comprehensively understand their ideal customer profile including their target accounts and the job titles of the decision makers/influencers in these accounts. 



Uplift Sales identified senior ‘Heads of Projects’ and ‘Portfolio Management’ Job Titles as being the ideal buyer persona and the main industries where companies were running large capital projects were oil/mining/healthcare etc. 

A key challenge for Uplift Sales throughout this campaign was to determine which companies would be running Capital projects rather than Technology Projects, and we gathered very valuable market intelligence to help ProjectAI with their longterm sales planning strategy.

Uplift Sales then went to market and reached out to decision makers/influencers in Accounts which were considered to be a good fit, for example we booked meetings with BHP, South32, Shell, BP etc.

This approach was uniquely tailored to ProjectAI’s specific challenges and market position.



The campaign was very successful:

    • Increased Revenue: ProjectAI closed multiple deals worth over $150k directly from sales meetings set up by Uplift Sales

    • Pipeline Created: $500k+ of opportunities were created from the meetings Uplift Sales set up – which will be nurtured and hopefully turned into Closed Won deals.

    • Market Awareness: Lots of new companies were made aware of ProjectAI and the problems they’re solving in the market.

ProjectAI’s executives were very happy with these results, noting a significant impact on their sales and market positioning.



“Uplift Sales have provided us with many sales qualified opportunities, which has led to us closing multiple deals worth over $150k.” Ray Paulk, Founder and CEO – ProjectAI



This campaign not only met but exceeded ProjectAI expectations, and Uplift Sales successfully opened the door to many new potential sales opportunities for ProjectAI. 


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