Somerville IT are a full service IT partner with almost 40 years of IT experience and over 50,000 users on their network every day, their clients include the likes of Tesla, Dyson and Hello Fresh plus many more.


Somerville approached us with the problem of having an experienced sales team but not enough qualified sales leads coming through to service them.


In the past Somerville had engaged with telemarketing /lead generation agencies but did not have great experiences (which is unfortunately often the case). 

Somerville were looking for a professional partner who could provide a consistent flow of sales qualified sales meetings for their sales team, so they could hit their revenue targets and the company as a whole could continue to grow.


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The first step in our engagement with Somerville (like with any client) was for us to jump on an onboarding call where we unpack their offering and their target market (including target accounts/job titles/challenges/qualification questions/exclusion lists/references etc).

After digesting Somerville’s offering (cloud, connectivity, security), we successfully identified their key decision makers to be IT Directors/Managers, Heads of Technology, Heads of Infrastructure etc within companies of 75+ employees across a variety of different industries including but not limited Financial Services, Banking, Education, Healthcare, Energy etc.

Once the target market was identified, we then went to work putting together a comprehensive outreach strategy to identify and reach the decision makers within these target accounts via phone. 

Throughout the process we consistently assessed our approach (and still do) and tweaked messaging/targeting/industries where necessary, to make sure we were always organising qualified sales meetings with the correct person within the correct type of accounts.


“We’ve been working with Uplift Sales to book in qualified meetings with target prospects for the last 6+ months. We’ve previously worked with various telemarketing companies and expensive marketing agencies to book in leads and they were all pretty disappointing to say the least.

Either leads were unqualified, prospects had no idea who we were when our sales team called them or had no genuine interest in what we had to say or we paid big dollars for leads that we could ‘nurture’ over time. I am relieved to have discovered Uplift Sales who have done a fantastic job since our engagement started! Most of the meetings we’ve had so far have converted to positive conversations with prospects that fit our ideal customer profile and some have converted to opportunities.

There is always genuine interest from the prospect in our services and meetings are setup with the decision maker. Further, Jamie and his team are very flexible, accommodating and an all-round pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Uplift Sales if you’re looking for a telemarketing agency that actually produces results!”
Lulu Dowell
Lulu Dowell
Marketing Manager, Somerville

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