ProjectAi is an international advisory and technology firm, helping companies with large and complex projects improve efficiency and visibility by optimising people, processes and technology.


ProjectAi approached us as their sales pipeline was not as full with sales qualified leads as it needed to be for them to hit their aggressive growth targets in the APAC region.

Like many companies, they had primarily relied on word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers to bring prospects into their sales funnel. 

ProjectAi had reached the point where they could not grow at the pace they wanted to unless they had a consistent flow of sales qualified leads coming in, which their sales team could attend and convert into customers.

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After working with the ProjectAi leadership team to determine their target accounts and their decision makers, we crafted a tailored outreach strategy to reach them and bring them into ProjectAi’s pipeline.

ProjectAi’s main target accounts were companies who ran very large and complex capital projects, with lots of moving pieces and stakeholders. 

We identified Oil and Gas, Energy, Mining, Utilities, Healthcare and Infrastructure companies within Australia as being ideal targets to set up qualified sales meetings with for the ProjectAi team.

The main job titles we identified as the key decision makers were Project/Program/Portfolio leaders, including Heads of PMO, Project Directors, Portfolio Managers etc.


During our pilot period with ProjectAi we successfully introduced them to numerous of their top target accounts which they had been trying to break into for a long time, which led to us agreeing to a longer term agreement.

We successfully brought some of the largest mining and energy companies into ProjectAi’s pipeline and they ultimately ended up closing multiple deals worth of $150k annually, and bringing on new logos and expanding their client base.

Alongside the opportunities created and the deals closed, ProjectAi also gained exposure in the market and connected with numerous influential people in the project management space, which will undoubtedly unlock many future opportunities/introductions.


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"Uplift Sales have provided us with many sales qualified opportunities, which has led to us closing multiple deals worth over $150k."
Ray Paulk
Founder, ProjectAi