Planview Increases Presence In ANZ With Uplift Sales 

Planview operates in the project portfolio management (PPM) space, offering comprehensive solutions for enterprise-level planning and strategy. They have a very strong presence across multiple verticals including Government, Mining, Education, Financial Services, Retail + Many other areas.

Uplift Sales are an Enterprise Technology Lead Generation Agency known for helping exclusively technology companies with complicated messaging, long deal cycles and high deal values.

Despite their strong product offering, Planview faced challenges in generating qualified leads in a highly competitive ANZ market. Uplift Sales helped introduced them to 40+ new Accounts in ANZ which ultimately led to them closing deals and expanding their presence in this region.

The primary goal of this campaign was to boost Planview’s lead generation significantly, targeting quality leads that could be converted into long-term clients.


Planview’s primary challenge was an insufficient quantity and quality of leads, which hindered their market expansion and sales growth in the ANZ region. They needed a campaign that not only attracted more leads but ensured these leads were of high caliber and closely aligned with their target market.

Uplift Sales worked closely with Planview to comprehensively understand their ideal customer profile including their target accounts and the job titles of the decision makers/influencers in these accounts. 


Uplift Sales identified senior Project Management Job Titles as being the ideal customer profile across multiple different industries, including but not limited to Mining, Education, Retail, Manufacturing etc.

The Planview suite of products solves the challenge of limitied visibility across an organisation of how projects are tracking, and where resources are being allocated. By providing a single pane of truth to leadership and Project Leaders, the Planview product will dramatically improve the efficiency of projects being delivered.

Uplift Sales then went to market and reached out to decision makers/influencers in Accounts which were considered to be a good fit.

This approach was uniquely tailored to Planview’s specific challenges and market position.


The campaign was very successful:

    • Increased Lead Generation: The campaign resulted in 40+ qualified sales leads generated over a 6 month period

    • Improved Lead Quality: Multiple deals were closed by the sales reps, resulting in new logo’s onboarded and $100k of recurring revenue.

    • Market Awareness: Lots of new companies were made aware of Planview and the problems they’re solving in the market.

Planview’s executives reported immense satisfaction with these results, noting a significant impact on their sales and market positioning.


“The Uplift Sales team have organised lots of highly qualified sales appointments for us in our target market which have led to numerous opportunities and more importantly deals closed.”.” – Matthew Bruggen, GM + VP Sales, Clarizen (Now Planview).


This campaign not only met but exceeded Planview’s objectives, showcasing Uplift Sales’ expertise in crafting and executing effective lead generation strategies. The success of this campaign set a new benchmark in lead generation for the PPM sector in ANZ.

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