Comtrac are a software company who provide an Investigation Management Platform to organisations.

Comtrac Fill Their Sales Pipeline In ANZ With Uplift Sales

Comtrac is a comprehensive, end-to-end Investigation and Digital Brief Management Solution. The software is centred around mapping evidence and information to the elements of the offence when running investigations. Comtrac have multiple huge companies as their customers such as RSPCA, Department of Victoria, Department of NSW, Australian Maritime Safety Authority.  

Uplift Sales are an SDR Agency for Enterprise Technology Companies who help exclusively technology companies with complicated messaging, long deal cycles and high deal values.

Comtrac wanted to dramatically increase their footprint within organisations that conducted investigations in the ANZ region, but did not have the capacity/knowledge to hire an internal SDR – this is why they engaged with Uplift Sales.

The primary goal of this campaign was to fill the sales pipeline of Comtrac’s sales reps, fill their calendars with qualified sales meetings and ultimately help them close more deals.



Comtrac’s primary challenge was they had a very specific need/challenge they were solving for companies and up until this point they had been relying on word of mouth/referrals, and leveraging the network of the executives/leaders. They also had a very specific target market (Companies running lots of complicated Investigations). 

Uplift Sales worked closely with Comtrac during onboarding to understand their ideal customer profile including their target accounts and the job titles of the decision makers/influencers in these accounts. 


Uplift Sales identified senior ‘Heads of Investigations’ and similar Job Titles as being the ideal buyer persona and the main industries where companies were highly regulated such as state departments or law enforcement etc.

A key challenge for Uplift Sales throughout this campaign was to determine which companies would be running lots of concurrent investigations and identifying where headcount would be spending lots of time completing associated manual processes.

Uplift Sales then went to market and reached out to decision makers/influencers in Accounts. This approach was uniquely tailored to Comtrac’s specific challenges and market position.



The campaign was very successful for both parties:

    • Opportunities Created: The meetings attended by Comtrac led to hundreds of thousands of $ worth of opportunities.
    • Market Awareness: Lots of market leading companies and government organisations were made aware of Comtrac and the problems they’re solving in the market.
    • Refinement of Targeting: Throughout this process Comtrac learnt a lot about where their ideal customer profile is, and they strategically planned to double down on these areas. 


This campaign not only met but exceeded Comtrac’s expectations, and Uplift Sales successfully opened the door to many new potential sales opportunities for Comtrac. 

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